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May 4 - 28 2022

Fault Lines

Remy Jungerman

Fault Lines

Goodman Gallery London

4-28 May 2022

 Goodman Gallery presents Fault Lines, an exhibition of new work by Remy Jungerman, marking the Dutch artist’s first solo presentation in the UK.

Fault Lines directly follows a major survey exhibition at TheStedelijk Museum Amsterdam for Jungerman, who is widely recognised as one of the Netherlands’ most important artists having co-represented his country at the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019. 

Jungerman is part of a generation of Afro-Dutch artists whose practice challenges and destabilises Western art historical narratives. By initiating a dialogue between abstract geometric patterns drawn from a multiplicity of visual traditions, the artist presents a peripheral vision that can inform and enrich perspectives on art history.

Born in Suriname, the former Dutch colony in South America, Jungerman is a descendant, on his mother’s side, of the Surinamese Maroons who escaped enslavement on Dutch plantations to establish self-governed communities in the Surinamese rainforest. Jungerman honours his indebtedness to the culture of the Maroons through the act of creating.

Across his practice, Jungerman draws parallels between the geometric patterns of textiles indigenous to Maroon culture and to Modernism, particularly the Dutch strain epitomized by Piet Mondrian. Connecting, juxtaposing or contrasting cultures is intrinsic to his pursuit of an autonomous visual language, which deftly interweaves the cultures of the countries that define him: Suriname, the Netherlands and the United States.

 My working title is 'Fault Lines’ that refer mostly to the panels. Do you have other title suggestions?

'Fault Lines’. That’s focused on the tension of bringing two materials together that are challenging the strict grid lines between textile and the kaolin clay as the tension in the earth that causes cracks.