Born On Wednesday, Kunsthal 52, Den Helder

Visual artist Remy Jungerman is invited as a guest curator in the exhibition AA, Africa, Antilles and The Carribean by main curator Georges Hanna of Kunsthal Den Helder in the Netherlands. Together with artist colleagues Iris Kensmil and Kurt Nahar under the titel 'Born On Wednesday' Jungerman presents works within a specific given framework. 'Born On Wednesday' refers to the old Suriname tradition to name babies after the weekday on which they are born. 'Kwaku' for instance - the name of the famous resistance fighter - in Surinam language means ‘he, who was born on Wednesday’.
The presence of the three artists with Suriname origin within the exhibition AA wants to shed extra light on the influence of African Culture mixed with the European and Dutch culture on the continent of America and the complexity of it. With the exhibition ‘Born On Wednesday’ Jungerman wants to visualize the tension between resistance on the one hand and artistic freedom as a universal good of the artist’s existence on the other.